How To:


Q: I want to organize a small meeting with 20 collegues from campus. Can I use Conference Central to collect names and talk titles?
A: Yes ! In less than 5 minutes you can create a registration page and decide what information you want to collect - names? addresses? talk titles? You receive a secret link to the registration page that you can email to your colleagues. This way your registration page is not publicly visible. In the end, you can download an excel sheet with all the registration information. This makes it much easier to organize the meeting, and it's completely free ! Also, all the data are stored in accordance with European data safety standards (GDPR). Check out this link to see how.

Q: Is it easy to create a webpage for my conference ?
A: Yes. No programming experience is needed. It only takes a few minutes to customize a webpage for your conference, and it's entirely free. Check out this link to see how.

Q: Can I try things out on the Conference Central website and test how it works?
A: Yes ! You are welcome to register for an account and create a test webpage for your conference to see what it looks like. Until you press the "Publish" button, it is not visible to the outside.