Terms and Conditions


  1. Registered Users are users that have an account on the Conference Central website. This allows Registered Users to create conference registration and web pages and to organize conferences.
  2. Conference Organizer is a registered user who is using the Conference Central website to organize a conference and possibly to collect registration fees.
  3. Conference Participants are users that register for a conference on the Conference Central website, but do not have a registered user account with Conference Central.
  4. Cancellation Time Window: Registration for a conference can be canceled up to 180 days after the initial registration date and at most 2 weeks prior to the conference start date

General Terms for conference participants registering for a conference

Within the cancellation time window, the full amount of the registration fee will be reimbursed, but not the payment transaction fees. Cancellation can be requested through the Conference Central website by going to Conference Central > My Conference Registration > Update my registration > Delete my registration. Reimbursements will be processed within 1 week. Outside of the cancellation time window, a registered participant can try asking the conference organizer for cancellation and reimbursement.

Conference Central is neither responsible nor liable for the quality of the conference, for whether the conference takes place or not, or for any damages or costs that may result from the conference or participation in the conference. Conference Central is only responsible for collecting information and fees from participants that are registering for a conference and passing these on to the conference organizer.

General Terms for registered users organizing a conference

Payout of the money collected by Conference Central in the form of registration fees and sponsor payments will be made to the conference organizer or to recipients specified by the conference organizer only after the conference has taken place. In exceptional circumstances, and entirely at the discretion of Conference Central, a prepayment of up to 20% of the collected money can be made to the conference organizer or to designated recipients for down-payments for conference organization (e.g. to reserve the venue or catering).

Conference Central can use Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds as Reference Currencies. The Reference Currency for a conference is selected by the conference organizer when setting up the conference registration page on Conference Central. Conference Central will both collect and make payments in the Reference Currency and is not liable for any changes in exchange rates between the Reference Currency and other currencies. Conference Central bills conference participants on behalf of the conference organizer.

Conference Central will charge a 2% fee on all registration fees and sponsor payments collected for a conference to cover running costs of the website.

For payouts, Conference Central will make up to 10 bank transfers to the conference organizer or to recipients specified by the conference organizer within the SEPA zone free of charge. All additional bank transfers will be charged a 10 Euro service fee. Payout bank or wire transaction fees will be incurred by the recipient.

Data Privacy Terms

Conference Central adheres to all the requirements of the EU GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data).

Data processing and transfer to 3rd parties

The personal data collected by Conference Central are used solely for the purpose of organizing the indicated conferences. Conference Central does not store or process personal data for any other purpose, and the personal data will not be transferred to any 3rd parties except the conference organizer.

The personal data provided to Conference Central by people registering for a conference will be transferred to the Conference Organizer that is indicated on the conference registration page. The Conference Organizer may then publish this information in a publicly accessible conference abstract book or participant list. In cases where the conference organizer is outside the EU, the personal data will therefore be transferred outside the EU.

Data storage

Personal data provided by conference participants will be stored up to 8 weeks after the conference has finished, in order to process the financials of the conference. After that, they will be deleted. The payment receipts (e.g. PayPal receipt) will be kept in accordance with tax regulations. The payment receipts include the name of the conference participant.

Personal data of registered users are stored as long as the user account is existing. They are deleted when a user cancels their Conference Central account.

All Conference Central data are stored entirely on servers located in Germany.

A report of all your Personal Data stored on the Conference Central server can be obtained by filling the form Conference Central > Data Protection > Report. The report will be sent automatically by email to the email address provided in the original registration form. The Conference Central website uses cookies to allow registered users to stay logged-in, to process payments, and to make sure the website is functioning properly. The cookies are placed on the user’s computer system and hence can be deleted by the user. We use the following cookies:
Cookie Name Source Purpose
grails_remember_me Conference Central This cookie is saved when users select the “Remember me” option upon logging in, enabling the user to stay logged in.
JSESSIONID Conference Central This cookie is saved when users log in or fill out a form on the Conference Central website to keep track of their session.
__stripe_mid Stripe This cookie provides fraud protection when orders are being paid and is valid for 1 year.
__stripe_sid Stripe This cookie provides fraud protection when orders are being paid and is valid for 30 minutes.
_ga, _gat, _gid, _utma, _utmc, _utmz Google These cookies allow Google Analytics to help us evaluate our visitors' experiences so that we can make improvements to our website.

Deletion of personal data

The deletion of one’s Personal Data can be requested at any time.

If a person is registered for a conference on Conference Central that has not yet taken place, then deletion of personal data entails de-registering from the conference. If this is requested during the Cancellation Time Window the registration fees will be reimbursed (but not the payment processing fees). If this is requested outside the Cancellation Time Window, then the person will be de-registered from the conference without reimbursement of fees. Cancellation of registration can be accomplished through the Conference Central website by going to Conference Central > My Conference Registration > Update my registration > Delete my registration.

A Registered User who either does not have an ongoing conference they are organizing, or who is organizing a conference to which no one has registered, can request deletion of their personal data by deleting their user account. This can be done automatically through the Conference Central website by going to Conference Central > Login > My Settings > Delete My Account.

If a Registered User is actively organizing a conference for which people have registered and paid registration fees, or for which sponsors have made payments, then deletion of the user’s personal data will be done manually after the user has settled an agreement with the people who have registered for the conference and the sponsors who have made payments.

Other user rights

Correction of personal data: Conference Participants who have registered for a conference can rectify their personal data by going to Conference Central > My Conference Registration > Update my registration. Registered users can rectify their personal data by going to Conference Central > Login > My Settings.

Users have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Contact Information

Data privacy questions or data privacy concerns can be addressed to:

About these Terms & Conditions

Conference Central is continuously improving the website and services to its users. Hence Conference Central reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions in a reasonable fashion to adapt to these changes, as well as changes in national and international laws. Changes in the Terms & Conditions will be published on this website, and will take effect 14 days after publication. Users who do not agree with the changes should stop using Conference Central.

Any disputes relating to these Terms & Conditions will be resolved in a competent court in Germany and German law will govern these Terms and any claim.