Molecular Biosciences Symposium on Science Communication

Jul 26, 2019 - Jul 27, 2019

INF 360
Heidelberg, Germany

General Description
The first ever MolBio Symposium on science communication is near and the Molecular Biosciences students invite you to be part of it!

We invited Dr. Tobias Maier, Andy Mabbett and Prof. Dr. Kräusslich, who will give insightful lectures on different aspects of science communication. Furthermore, we organized a variety of interactive workshop sessions where you will get hands-on experience. This offers an individual symposium experience to collect new skills and perspectives in groups of 10-20 people. You can learn from well experienced science communicators what matters most when it comes to science communication within the scientific community and between scientists and society. Communicating science has become more important than ever and thus we want to inspire our fellow students and alumni to get involved! To strengthen our network of young scientists and research enthusiasts, a kick-off event the evening before the symposium as well as a BBQ after the symposium will also be organized. More information on that will follow soon - stay tuned.

Check out the program and decide which workshop you would like to register for!

We are looking forward to enjoy a great event together with you!

Organizing Committee
  • Lena Schwenker (ZMBH)
  • Constantin Diekmann (ZMBH)
  • Marlene Ganslmeier (ZMBH)
  • Marla Herr (ZMBH)
  • Nikolay Silakov (ZMBH)
  • Kristina Kromer (ZMBH)
  • Alessia Flörchinger (DKFZ)
  • Alexandra Turi da Fonte Dias (ZMBH)
  • Drew Lindsay (DKFZ)
  • Elena Tonin (COS)
  • Wiebke Leemhuis (COS)
  • Linda Kloß (IZN)
  • Tereza Lausová (DKFZ)
  • Felix Pahmeier (CIID)

Organized by
Master Students Molecular Biosciences