Fundamental principles in life: from developmental biology to behavior

Jun 19, 2024 - Jun 21, 2024

Hotel Melia Seville
Seville, Spain

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Join us for an unprecedented scientific exploration into the multifaceted world of zebrafish research, delving into the intricate interplay between developmental biology, neurobiology, and behavior. This conference serves as a platform to celebrate the pioneering contributions of the renowned scientist, Alexander F. Schier, and his accomplished disciples, whose collective efforts have propelled the understanding of zebrafish as a model organism to unparalleled heights. Through a series of illuminating discussions, presentations, and interactive workshops, we aim to foster a collaborative environment that encourages cross-disciplinary dialogue and cultivates novel insights into the complex mechanisms governing zebrafish development, neurobiology, and behavioral patterns.

Key Themes:

Developmental Biology Unveiled: Explore the fundamental processes governing embryonic development and gastrulation in zebrafish, with a focus on elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying tissue patterning, cell differentiation, and morphogenesis. Gain valuable insights into the role of signaling pathways and genetic regulation in shaping the intricate developmental trajectory of zebrafish embryos.

Unraveling Neurobiological Complexity: Delve into the intricate neural circuitry and synaptic dynamics of the zebrafish brain, examining the neural substrates that underlie complex behaviors and cognitive functions. Engage with leading experts to unravel the neurobiological underpinnings of sensory perception, learning, memory, and decision-making processes in zebrafish, offering valuable parallels to human neurological research.

Behavioral Dynamics and Environmental Interactions: Investigate the behavioral repertoires exhibited by zebrafish in response to various environmental stimuli, ranging from social interactions and predator-prey dynamics to the impact of environmental factors on stress, anxiety, and social hierarchies. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the behavioral phenotypes and genetic determinants influencing adaptive behaviors in zebrafish populations.

Conference Highlights:

Keynote Address by Alexander F. Schier: Reflect on the remarkable journey of zebrafish research, as recounted by the visionary scientist, Alexander F. Schier, and gain valuable insights into the future prospects of interdisciplinary research in the field.

Join us at the forefront of zebrafish research, as we embark on an enriching journey to unravel the mysteries of developmental biology, neurobiology, and behavior, with the invaluable guidance of Alexander F. Schier and his trailblazing disciples.

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